Welcome to Cathay Pacific Virtual!

Since its inception in 2012, Cathay Pacific Virtual has provided innovative ideas that have set new standards in the world of Virtual Aviation. Cathay Pacific Virtual is always working towards providing our pilots with state of the art training, helping pilots understand the actions needed to control an aircraft in all stages of flight, both normal and emergency operations.

The pilots here at Cathay Pacific Virtual share a common passion for flying and the incentive in experiencing the concept of flying to as real as it gets. At Cathay Pacific Virtual we welcome all new pilots or members whether you’re a professional pilot or just starting out. Not a problem! We will help assist you in your development in Cathay Pacific Virtual.

Why join Cathay Pacific Virtual?

Active Staff Team

We make sure our staff are trained to the highest of standards to better serve you.

Premium Services

We offer state of the art, premium services to our pilots free of charge. It's our thanks to you.

Realistic Schedules

We check our schedules frequently to ensure they are kept up to date.

Our pilots cross the globe using VATSIM, utilising our own custom ACARS system with flight attendant announcments, and safety videos to track and log our flight experiences. With a highly active community of like-minded individuals we accept anyone wanting to join us on the adventure of a lifetime!

Latest Stats

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Total Active Pilots: 114
Total Flights: 3379
Total Schedules: 611
Pending Applications: 0
Flights Completed Today: 0