Pilot Registration

➢ The login credentials that are provided to you will serve as your login to the website or the ACARS system. No member shall seek another members login credentials, for any reason.
➢ Members are required to use their full name when they register. Discovery of a fake name will result in suspension, and or, permanent removal from the Airline.
➢ Members must provide a valid email address upon registration. Failure to do so will result in removal from the airline. Pilots must go online to change their email address if it happens to change after registration.
➢ Pilots must fly their first flight within 30 days of registration. If you are unable to, then pilots may request a leave of absence (LOA) for up to 1 year.
➢ All flights must be a flight in the Cathay Pacific Virtual ACARS scheduling system. The correct aircraft and livery is a must!
➢ Pilots may fly for other virtual airlines. However, pilots may not do the same route for another virtual airline while doing that CPA route.
➢ Cathay Pacific Virtual management reserves the right to terminate any pilot for any reason.
➢ Members are required to treat other pilots with courtesy and respect. No harassment or any un-warranted comments are permitted among the virtual airline.
➢ Members represent the Cathay Pacific Airlines community at all times when accessing external sources on the internet. Members should be made aware to do not do anything that will damage the reputation of Cathay Pacific Airlines.
➢ Members are only allowed to fly only one flight at time at Cathay Pacific Virtual.
➢ Pilots are required to fly with the Cathay Pacific Call sign when flying on the Vatsim networks. Example; CPA605
➢ Pilots must follow the Vatsim code of conduct at all times.
➢ Pilots are required to show maturity and professionalism while flying on the Vatsim networks.
➢ Pilots must include the proper remarks and flight plan on Vatsim.
➢ Pilots must obey all Air Traffic Controllers instructions while flying on the Vatsim networks.
➢ Pilots must comply with all supervisor requests detailed in the Vatsim code of conduct. Which are found here: VATSIM WEBSITE
➢ While flying on the Vatsim networks, pilots are to ensure that they are upholding the Cathay Pacific name to the best of their ability. By respecting other pilots, listening and obeying all commands by ATC and acting professional.

➢ The login credentials, which are provided to you, serve as being your individual membership identification on Cathay Pacific Virtual. You may not under any circumstances provide, give or surrender permission or knowingly allow your username or password to be used by anyone else other than Cathay Pacific Virtual Management.
➢ Members are to at all times behave in a courteous and respectful manner when using any of the provided features on the Cathay Pacific Community Forums.
➢ Members are strongly discouraged from the usage of CAPS to draw emphasis or attract attention whenever using the forums. It is considered to be shouting and rude, Cathay Pacific Virtual Management instead reserves the right to use CAPS for the purpose of displaying important announcements.
➢ Members allow Cathay Pacific Virtual to use any screenshots submitted for use on the website, documents, promotional materials etcetera.
➢ Multiple or repeated posting of threads, comments or information in order to increase your post count is not permitted.
➢ Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes exploiting any of the features made available on the Cathay Community forums to spam other members.
➢ Posts that are sexual, political, race-orientated and religious in nature or violate Cathay Community standards are not allowed. Cathay Pacific Virtual Management shall be regulatory authority in dictating what does and what does not violate community standards or other relevant policies.
➢ Discussion of illegal activities through the use of Cathay Community Forums such as tips for software on terms of piracy and other intellectual property violations are not allowed under any circumstances.
➢ Cathay Pacific Virtual reserves the right to remove or moderate offensive material on Cathay Community Forums without prior notice.
➢ Cathay Pacific Virtual Management shall be the sole-regulatory authority in dictating what does and what does not violate community standards or other relevant policies.
➢ Cathay Pacific Virutal reserves a right to reject any PIREP as necessary. And without notice. The decision is final unless the pilot chooses to appeal the decision. Within 3 days of rejected PIREP.
➢ Cathay Pacific members are required to follow guidelines set in place by the pilot handbook, in regards to PIREPS.
➢ Pilots are never to disrespect any other Pilot through the ACARS chat system.
➢ All discussions that take place on the CPA tracker, must be regarding aviation or the virtual airline. Discussions of illegal acts are not prohibited.
➢ Cathay Pacific Virtual members are to never release any of the TeamSpeak information to anyone outside of the virtual airline.
➢ Cathay Pacific members must acknowledge that there are younger pilots that are under the age of 18 on the TeamSpeak server, and using abusive, rude or impolite behavior is not prohibited. And will not be tolerated.
➢ Cathay Pacific Virtual members found to be in breach of these rules will either be suspended or banned from the server, depending on the severity of the violation that was committed.
➢ For more infomation, see here - Teamspeak Policy
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