About us

Cathay Pacific Virtual, Who, What, Why?

Who we are.

Cathay Pacific Virtual

Since its inception in 2012, Cathay Pacific Virtual has provided innovative ideas that have set new standards in the world of Virtual Aviation. Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines are always working towards providing our pilots with state of the art training, helping pilots understand the actions needed to control an aircraft in all stages of flight, both normal and emergency operations.'.

What we do.

Cathay Pacific Virtual is the original CPA virtual airline in the VATSIM / IVAO community. CPAv has been around for 4 years with a growing database of pilots, schedules and partner airlines.

We pride ourselves in the way that we conduct our organisation and we are backed by supportive staff team who are here to help our pilots to achieve their goals.


The original founders of CPAv wanted to bring the virtual aviation community one of the biggest and diverse virtual airlines in the world.

With over 18 real world airline Schedules across the One World group we believe we have achieved this goal.

Our Stats

Total Active Pilots: 114
Total Flights: 3379
Total Schedules: 611
Pending Applications: 0
Flights Completed Today: 0